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Monday - friday : 8:00 AM to 7:00 Pm


  • Those aspiring for admission should contact the office and fill up application form for the chosen course. with required eligibility certificates, etc. After scrutinizing the application Students are admitted to the chosen course, provided fees etc. are paid as required.
  • In the case of Bachelor of Interior Design(Degree course), students have to appear for an Interior Design Aptitude Test(IDAT) as per requirement of the University of Calicut. Successful candidates will be asked to attend a studio test and interview. After successful completion of the formalities, admission procedure will be followed.
  • Every student must abide by the rules and regulations of the Institution which may be changed/updated from time to time. Detailed rules and regulations can be had from the office of the Institution.
  • The student must keep up utmost decorum in classes and they are expected to behave well with faculty, staff fellow students in a cordial manner within and outside campus. Ragging is strictly prohibited at the campus